Fairy Garden Party Theme

by Claire Minnaar

fairy party theme

This lovely theme is perfect for young ones aged 3 to 9, but can also be adapted to suit tweens and teens. To get your head in the right space, think all things ethereal, floaty and imaginary, and ask your little one what her interpretation of fairies is.

Colour Scheme

Shades of baby pink and lush foresty green, with splashes of soft pastels.

Décor & Setting

Needless to say, a fairy garden party is best set in an actual garden, underneath a canopy of trees or a whimsical chiffon gazebo. Fairy dust is an absolute must, so sprinkle glitter and sequins everywhere you can reach and hang an assortment of crystals, Chinese lanterns, helium balloons, beads and sun catchers from the branches. Make plenty of bunting and incorporate fresh flowers wherever you can.

Food & Drink

Bake mushroom- flower- and fairy-shaped cookies and decorate the table with jelly straws (that resemble fairy dust) and wisps of candyfloss. We also love the idea of a girly chocolate fondue with pink marshmallows and strawberries, not to mention the high-tea approach with mini scones, macaroons and beautifully decorated cupcakes. Keep it mini and fairy-sized!


If the girls don’t arrive at the party already dressed in fairy outfits, spoil them with wands, crowns or floral hair bands, and fairy wings. Bubbles are another lovely party favour as it adds to the whimsy and so is handmade fairy snow globes (made with baby food jars).

Fun & Games

Host a fairy treasure hunt in the garden or forest, or let the little ones indulge in a fairy tea party. Alternatively set up a beading station where the girls can make their own fairy jewellery, wands or sun catchers. For a greener approach, gather the garden goodies and let them create their very own fairy flower garden. Once they have their fairy wings strapped on, you won’t have to entertain them much!

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