Drinking Water Tips

by Claire Minnaar

This may seem like a bit of an odd or arb blog post, but I know very few Moms who don’t drink a lot of water. Perhaps it’s just the Moms I surround myself with, but I’m sure there are many of you who focus on drinking water for the various reasons from weight loss to health benefits or even for the sake of your children i.e. ensuring they drink enough water and being the “water role model”.

Our family drinks a LOT of water. I found out about a company called Oasis Water this year and since discovering them, I have not looked back. I used to buy 5 litre containers of water from the shop regularly to ensure that our family drinks enough water and the water they are drinking is “good” and not filled with stuff that I really don’t want to be exposed to. This was costing a fortune and really wasn’t the eco-friendly approach to things at all!

I did try going the boiled water route, but quite frankly, it isn’t worth the effort and I don’t like the taste (fussy, fussy, I know!)

If this is something that interests you and you are buying bottled water regularly, this blog post will potentially help you STAY HEALTHY as well as save some moola!

Oasis Water

Oasis Water seems to have branched out nationally and are seriously cost effective. My family buys the 30 litres of water at a cost of around R22. Now, compare that with a bottled 1 litre bottle from the shop for a cost of over R6 / R7 – you don’t need to be a mathematician to see the cost saving already!

Here are some top benefits about Oasis Water that I have personally found:

  • Cost Effective
  • Tastes great!
  • Filled with some goodies which are a bit over my head, but here’s a quote from their website “RO3 Oasis water isn’t simply H2O. Oh no, it’s so much more! Well, one more to be precise. That’s because RO3 Oasis water is filled with a super-charged for of oxygen (O2) called ozone (O3). Aside from being the most powerful oxidizer known to man (or woman), ozone neutralizes free radicals (bad thingies), increases the uptake and utilization of oxygen in the body by stimulating the formation of anti-oxidant enzymes as well as improving circulation amongst other really good things. So why not try RO3 Oasis’s super oxygenated water today, and go one better.
  • Convenient – many branches do deliver and it’s a once off visit every week / month depending on how big your water container is.
  • Healthy – the water is good for you and the containers are not plastic which has been an enormous concern for many people over the recent years.
  • Good for the environment – you buy a container once and you have it forever and a day. No plastic bottles being thrown into the bin every few days!

For more information, visit Oasis Water. You can find their list of branches at the link below:


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